Sacha Baron Cohen as the Dictator dumps ashes of 'Kim Jong Il' on Ryan Seacrest


Sacha Baron Cohen certainly knows how to make an entrance — and spice up an otherwise tame Oscars red carpet. The actor and performance artist rolled up to Sunday’s awards in a white Rolls-Royce stretch limo with green Republic of Wadiya flags, all dignitary-like. As threatened, Baron Cohen arrived dressed as his latest alter ego, [...]



Top 5 cities with the world's most beautiful women

The prestigious tourist publication Travelers Digest posted their ranking for the top 10 cities with beautiful women. Is it chauvinistic? Sure. Is it sexist? You betcha. But it’s also entertaining. Today we give you the top 5. Number 5 – Varna, Bulgaria Bulgaria isn’t the most well-known country, even Europeans sometimes have trouble finding it [...]



Perception about the Arab World

Since 9/11 the image of the Middle East changed a whole lot than anybody would have expected. But for once let’s leave the negative aspects behind and concentrate on the good stuff. Countries from the Middle East like Turkey, Qatar and mostly the United Arab Emirates have been developing as fast as Iraq was destroyed. [...]