Sacha Baron Cohen as the Dictator dumps ashes of 'Kim Jong Il' on Ryan Seacrest

Sacha Baron Cohen certainly knows how to make an entrance — and spice up an otherwise tame Oscars red carpet.
The actor and performance artist rolled up to Sunday’s awards in a white Rolls-Royce stretch limo with green Republic of Wadiya flags, all dignitary-like. As threatened, Baron Cohen arrived dressed as his latest alter ego, Gen. Aladeen, from The Dictator.

He brought a pair of models in sexy military garb as his dates, rather than real-life wife Isla Fisher or Hilary Swank, whom he previously claimed (as Aladeen) to have paid $2 million to escort him. Baron Cohen accessorized with an urn purportedly containing the ashes of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

Of course, Kim Jong-il ended up Ryan Seacrest’s tuxedo. During an interview with the E! host on the red carpet, Baron Cohen/Gen. Aladeen “accidentally” spilled the ashes on Seacrest, who appeared visibly flustered on camera as security pulled the actor away. (He had meant to sprinkle the ashes “over Halle Berry’s chest.”)

“I had a feeling something was coming,” said Seacrest, wiping off his jacket.

Baron Cohen, by the way, said his white, dictator-esque uniform was designed by John Galliano, who stepped down as head of Dior last year following anti-Semitic comments he made toward patrons at a restaurant in Paris. He paired the suit with Kmart socks.

“As Saddam Hussein once said to me, socks are socks,” he said.

After his Seacrest snafu, Baron Cohen walked the rest of the carpet and up the stairs into the theater, making his way into a private room – presumably to change out of character.

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