Purple Animals


purple star fish Purple Animals

They come in various shades of the color purple, but they are just like any other animal, only that they give a splash of color to the nature.

purple starfish Purple Animals

purple sea star fish Purple Animals
Purple Starfish: Also known as Ochre Sea Star is to be found around Pacific Ocean coastlines. They are a strange creature that has a purple and violet color.

siamese fighting fish Purple Animals
Siamese Fighting Fish: Also known as the “Betta” or the “Fighter” is a quite agressive fish, but it has some striking blue and purple colors that makes the fish look really beautiful and powerful.

orchid dottyback Purple Animals
Orchid Dottyback: Aquarium fish that adds the right amount of purple to the tank. They are carnivorous and need a steady diet of meat.

purple bird Purple Animals

purple birds Purple Animals
Purple Martin: Among America’s best loved birds and it is said that they love humans as well.

purple snake Purple Animals
Indigo Snake: North America’s longest snake. They are immune to rattlesnake venom, so they sometimes eat them for lunch.

purple snail Purple Animals
Violet Sea Snails: Its purple shell is very fragile, almost paper-thin, but it doesn’t break because the snail is spending its whole life just floating on the surface of tropical oceans.

purple frog Purple Animals
Indian Purple Frog: Big chubby purple body and tiny blue eyes.  This frog lives in southern India and was first discovered in 2003.

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