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Crayons Carved Into Star Wars Characters

Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper and C-3PO as crayons? That’s right, artist Steve Thompson is actually carving crayons into different Star Wars characters. It’s a  very delicate work, and I guess he had to use a lot of crayons to create the perfect carvings. The best part is that the crayon colors are matching the colors [...]




Geeks Know How To Make Gingerbread

A gingerbread collection on geek culture wouldn’t be complete without some sort of Super Mario reference. The Daleks from British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Police Box from television series Doctor Who. Gingerbread Pac-Man arcade game. The Star Trek GingerBorg Enterprise is a gingerbread replica of the Enterprise D. A Gingerbread AT-AT from Star [...]