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Father’s Day Celebrated With Creative Beer Designs

EveryGuyed and Moxy Creative House got into action and made awesome illustrations of beer cans that are designed as cartoon characters. You have the Homer Beer, Pop Eye Beer, Peter Griffin Beer, you name it! And it’s all just for Father’s Day. The “Cheers” illustrations are made by director Glenn Michaels. Father’s Day is suddenly [...]




Positive And Witty Pen Sketches

Will rock-paper-scissor ever get along, what does it look like when eggs puke, and are snowmen skeletons under all that snow? Find out in the hilarious pen sketches below. Talented artist that just calls himself Marcus has created a daily comic where he represents a lot of witty pen sketches of things we actually never [...]



Intelligent Illustrations That Matters

Politics, society issues and war are just some of the subjects that interest the Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski. This interest of his shows very much in his illustrations. You can see contrasts between poverty and richness, the value of politician speeches, ironical was scenes, and other stuff too, in a illustrative way. His every illustration [...]