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Food Cans As Sculptures For A Good Cause

Canstruction Vancouver has decided to do a charity campaign against hunger. They have made it into a anti-hunger initiative where they built funny and famous characters out of cans of food, everything from tuna to liver pate. You can recognize characters such as Pac Man, Wall-E and R2-D2, but they also make random things like [...]



Meat America - Literally

Several pounds of raw meat, a really good camera, sculpting skills and a bunch of creativity was necessary when photographer and artist Dominic Episcopo accomplished this awesome project. The series is called “Meat America” and it celebrates America’s appetite for “decadent and iconoclastic deliciousness”, and you can easily see that the meat pieces are shaped [...]



How 8-bit video game figures would look like at the butcher's shop

Meat lover or vegetarian, I bet you’ve never had a Koopa for dinner. They are pixelated illustrations of video game characters’ meat pieces, and it is all a part of the artist Jim Buffum’s experimental art work. He got inspired by an exhibition called Pixel Pushers, curated by SCION and Giant Robot’s Eric Nakamura, that [...]