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People That Refuse To Move

If you’ve seen the animated movie UP you know what this is all about; People that refuse to move because of construction projects that is going on around them. This happens constantly. Mostly those people eventually realize that they need to give up, but here are some examples that are extreme: Ballard, Seattle: An old [...]



Paris vs New York illustrations – Alike yet different

Visited or lived Paris and New York or maybe one of them or maybe none, either way you’ll probably understand these illustrations. It is a clever and fun way to represent the differences between those two major cities. Both cities of modern fashion and tourism, but still very different, partly because of the clash of [...]



Stunning New Skyscraper in Vietnam

A ground-breaking ceremony has been held for Foster + Partners’ first project in Vietnam. The VietinBank Business Centre sends a strong message to the rest of the world: Vietnam is an up-and-coming nation. Located strategically between central Hanoi and the airport, the project consists of two angular towers that will serve as a gateway to [...]