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Echoism Gives Symmetrical Faces

Have you ever seen someone with a completely symmetrical face? I think not, because that is difficult to find, because you’re left side of you face can not possibly be exact same as your right. A myth says that people who have more symmetrical faces are considered more attractive than those who don’t. Julian Wolkenstein [...]



Food Cans As Sculptures For A Good Cause

Canstruction Vancouver has decided to do a charity campaign against hunger. They have made it into a anti-hunger initiative where they built funny and famous characters out of cans of food, everything from tuna to liver pate. You can recognize characters such as Pac Man, Wall-E and R2-D2, but they also make random things like [...]



Meet Barbie The Serial Killer

There is not much to say about what you see in the pictures, except that the scenarios really remind of “Dexter”, the TV show serial killer. Doll photographer Mariel Clayton obviously got inspired by that TV show, and wanted to represent a innocent and gorgeous doll like Barbie as a cruel serial killer. Barbie’s victims [...]