Dubai Fountains Synchronized With Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"

We all know how unfortunate Whitney Houston’s death was. The news reached first page on most newspapers. Less attractive news was the cause of her death. To die as an idol at the age of 48 because of a combination of Xanax, further drugs and alcohol is not the most respectable way if you ask [...]



Movies of 2014

Okay. So here you have a pretty nice list of the upcoming movies of 2014. Hold tight, because it’s going to be a quite exciting ride.   (Batman), The Dark Night Rises No needs to explain what this movie is about.   The Avengers You either know a lot or nothing about the Avengers. Once [...]




True Stars

Note: If you were not born before the 90’s you might find this article insulting. Thanks to the World Wide Web today we have the chance to take a good glance at the past. Today we live in the best times where all kinds of information travel through more minds than ever. Still, we somehow [...]