Change of Regime


Dear Someone, Stalker, or Hipster,

Herewith we are officially declaring the takeover of Blognator. Don’t worry tough, we will be taking good care of it.

Instead of boring you to death with useless data, there are one or two things I need to mention.

You should know that currently there is only one person responsible for adding, filtering and removing posts on Blognator. It’s me!

On the other hand though, I lack of writing experience due to my origin (not natively English speaking) and therefore might not always provide you with the noblest of texts, story and descriptions. I am sincerely sorry in advance for my mistakes and I hope I’ll be improving myself with time. Feel free to correct me. Advices are welcome.

Out of technical reasons I also need to add that Blognator is powered by Blognator.com.eu, a web studio located in Switzerland. Our main goal with Blognator.com is to contribute the World Wide Web with innovative, fresh and more user friendly web design and content.



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