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Ads With Scrunched Faces For Freedom Of Press

Amazing campaign ad fighting for freedom of press against presidents, ministers, generals and military leaders. The slogan is “Only a free press can hurt them”, which is very true. The ones that are holding this campaign are France-based international non-governmental organization Reporters Without Borders, but it was designed by designed by Saatchi & Saatchi and [...]




Echoism Gives Symmetrical Faces

Have you ever seen someone with a completely symmetrical face? I think not, because that is difficult to find, because you’re left side of you face can not possibly be exact same as your right. A myth says that people who have more symmetrical faces are considered more attractive than those who don’t. Julian Wolkenstein [...]




Meat America - Literally

Several pounds of raw meat, a really good camera, sculpting skills and a bunch of creativity was necessary when photographer and artist Dominic Episcopo accomplished this awesome project. The series is called “Meat America” and it celebrates America’s appetite for “decadent and iconoclastic deliciousness”, and you can easily see that the meat pieces are shaped [...]