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This Dude Loves Steampunk

You really don’t know what steampunk is till you see this. Liam Brandon Murray or Steampunk Overlord as he is also called from United Kingdom is obviously obsessed with steampunk. He designs and makes extravagant costumes for himself out of bronze, platinum and gold-colored metals, and other materials. Murray is making himself look like a [...]



Simple Packaging - Less Is More

Famous brands like Nutella, Schweppes, Durex and Red Bull is showing that less is more. This project designed by Antrepo Studio is representing all these brands with minimalist packaging. It consists of three phases; the full packaging, the half done packaging and the first process in the packaging which is almost nothing, just the main [...]



11 Funniest Celebrity Mullets

It’s unbelievable that men actually wore this awful haircut; short in the front, long in the back. Even huge stars like George Clooney, Kanye West and Jerry Springfield had the mullet, and obviously they thought they were cool. Let’s just hope that this trend never returns. 11. Without his mullet Macgyver wouldn’t solve the problems [...]