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Lego Bricks Turn Into Significant Art Work

Imagine that your job is to be a full-time child and to play with Lego all day. That is Sean Kenney‘s every day life! He uses Lego bricks and toys to create about anything that you can think of. Whether it’s magnificent sculptures, portraits or other kinds of artwork. His art pieces come in all [...]



Father’s Day Celebrated With Creative Beer Designs

EveryGuyed and Moxy Creative House got into action and made awesome illustrations of beer cans that are designed as cartoon characters. You have the Homer Beer, Pop Eye Beer, Peter Griffin Beer, you name it! And it’s all just for Father’s Day. The “Cheers” illustrations are made by director Glenn Michaels. Father’s Day is suddenly [...]



Crayons Carved Into Star Wars Characters

Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper and C-3PO as crayons? That’s right, artist Steve Thompson is actually carving crayons into different Star Wars characters. It’s a  very delicate work, and I guess he had to use a lot of crayons to create the perfect carvings. The best part is that the crayon colors are matching the colors [...]




Mini Bikes And Vehicles Made From Watches

To have a special love for motorcycles is very common, but how about making small bike and motor-like vehicle figures from watch parts? That’s something Dmitriy Khristenko from the United States has been doing for a while now. He takes parts of sport watches, of gold or silver watches, etc., and makes incredible detailed motorcycles [...]